Hey VideoStar,

Can you believe you’re already at module FIVE?!

This week you’re gonna learn how to take your video to the next level of professionalism.

This type of training is also about taking things one element at a time.


If you’re ready to learn about using lights head there first.

If you’re ready to rock some editing for your videos, start there.

I HIGHLY recommend that you get comfy with one element before diving into the other (and that will extend past a week).

You’re moving into the stage where you can give yourself permission to take the extra time needed to learn this stuff.  🙂

There is ZERO pressure to learn all this in one week.

Use this week to try stuff out and experiment.

(And make sure to post your tech Qs in the group. I’m always happy to help.)

Woop woop!

Dream up,

Sarah Michelle Brown
YOUR Virtual Video Director


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