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The On-Camera Bootcamp


An 8-week program with Sarah Michelle Brown

Imagine Shining On Camera And Creating Videos That Are Like Catnip To Your Dream Clients.

The Fastest Way for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs to Make Videos Their Dream Clients LOVE Is To Dive In With A Coach Who Makes It An Adventure (rather than a chore) With Me As Their Coach.

Bring Out Your On-Camera “It” Factor, Use My Secrets to Time-Saving Tech, Get Weekly Coaching Calls, and Compassionate Feedback From a Real-Life Filmmaker!


Go from: I’m-so-freaking-scared-to-put-myself-out-there

To: I-can’t-wait-to-make-my-next-video!

““Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.”

~ Forbes

Does this broken record sound familiar:

You have to do a video and your Heart Starts Racing.

And in your mind you’re saying: “I will definitely do it later today, OR when I’m over my cold, OR when I’ve finished ALL my other projects”.

Then you forget about it for another day.

And then suddenly you remember, again, that you have to do a video. Eek!!!

And it’s the same ol’ conversation in your head: “Yep I will definitely do it later today!…”

I totally get it.


When you FIRST START MAKING videos you probably feel…


that you’ll look unprofessional in your videos. Do you really want to put yourself out there? EEEEK!


by the technology. Where should you start? Maybe your message isn’t even worth sharing. ERGHHH!!


that they’ll see how IMPERFECT you are! You don’t even want to face your camera. AHHHH!!!

Sounds intimidating, right?

I mean, all that research, the trial and error, piecing together bits of info from different sources. Yuck!

It feels like A LOT to absorb all at once.

Oh and then there’s the times when you finally work up the nerve to press the record button…

… only to see you hopes dashed away by your fear, bad sound or by wonky lighting.

– Yeah. That seriously sucks. Totally agree. –

Hugs friend. 

I’m here to help.

But here’s the thing…
(and it’s really important)


Video is actually a superpower 🦹🏽‍♀️ that YOU CAN LEARN!

It’s a skill like any other.

Video done right:

Positions YOU as the go-to person in your field. Yay!

Feels exciting and EMPOWERING

Creates a genuine CONNECTION with your crowd

And it does it better than just images or text!

(sorry pencil)

And when you embrace making videos with the right attitude… your dream clients will feel EXCITED to tune in!

And video can feel like a healthy, aligned, fun, and empowering experience.


What if, instead of dreading video, you could:

🎬 CONFIDENTLY putting yourself out there on-camera

🎬 Keep your MOMENTUM going so you don’t have to start this process all over again

🎬 Speak in a way that MAKES SENSE and isn’t too wordy (or too drawn out) for video

🎬 CONSISTENTLY UNLEASH the best parts of your personality on-camera

🎬 Save TIME and MONEY when making your videos

🎬 Know the exact SIMPLE tech you need to make videos that LOOK GOOD

🎬 Feel PASSIONATE about making your next video cuz you’re making content that has IMPACT

You Get To Choose How Your Video and On-Camera Experiences Feel

So how do you develop your video superpower?

I’ve got just the thing for you.

Introducing the On-Camera Bootcamp for heart-centered entrepreneurs!

You’re One Video Away from Attracting Your Dream Clients…

Learn Video the Heart-Centered Way

Join now!

NOTE: This program is only available for a limited time at this rate:

Join for $3797 $1297 USD now for the group version.

Or join for $4997 $2497 USD now for the solo VIP version.

Choose which adventure works best for you:

 Simply thinking about video doesn’t get you where you wanna go.

>> Truly shining on camera and creating amazing videos require you taking ACTION. <<

What if you could Save So Much Time, Energy, Money, and Frustration with a proven step-by-step system?

What if you could use film industry-inspired production tips to create simple + genuine videos that connect with your audience on your behalf?


to create blog videos, sales videos, and social media videos teamed with HEART-driven strategies that get your dreamies taking action!

🎬 You already know you need to turn online lookers into buyers. 🎬

Great videos (aka the media you use in your launch + growth strategies) are what make the difference between ramping up your sales and hearing digital crickets when you make an offer.

If you speak video, like me, we call it movie magic.

You’re soooooo ready to get the attention of your dream client!

Now what? It’s your BIG moment.

How I Turned Around My Fear of Truly Putting Myself Out There and What That Means For You

My short films are a critical part of what took me from scared artist to real-life filmmaker, playwright, and actor showcasing my short films and my stage play at festivals around the world.

I’ll show you how you can confidently create simple videos for your biz and profit from truly putting yourself out there…

I needed to be visible because I was on a mission to create a positive impact in the world through what was alive in my imagination. So I skipped over some of the most important steps of being comfortable on camera and directing.

All I did was suck at auditions and create short films that were difficult for audiences to watch. I didn’t know anything about the gold that’s inside this very program (hint: this isn’t enough to just film yourself).

I was terrified of my own visibility and was also creating films that didn’t keep my audience in mind. But I carried on in the Land of Suckitude because I was still a newbie (and because sometimes done is better than good).

As my exposure grew and I started to understand more and more film + storytelling strategies, horror crept in with a huge dose of comparison-itis. I’m cringing just thinking about how I felt. 😱

My films were in dire need of a makeover. There was nothing about the real transformation I wanted my audiences to experience and my on-camera confidence was so lacking (my nephews have more in their baby finger than I did at the time).

When I discovered how to create movie magic, how to present myself with purpose and how to SHINE on camera, my whole life changed – I began working internationally, winning awards, and of course, launching my online video biz to empower peeps like YOU!


The On-Camera Bootcamp

Create Engaging Videos that Get Your Dream Clients Taking Action!

So… What does your overall journey look like?

In a (Video) Nutshell:

In this program, you learn about technology + gear AFTER we’ve busted through your FEARS of being on camera, not BEFORE.

This way you’re feeling CONFIDENT, READY + EXCITED to learn the tech stuff that feels too intimidating right now.

That’s the BEST way for you to learn how to make AMAZING videos while AVOIDING VIDEO OVERWHELM.

Each week proper you get new training videos. You then implement what you learned in the form of short video adventures and post in the group for cheerleading and feedback.

What’s Included:


These lessons to put you in the right mindset for making videos. It’s your first, simple step to truly committing to your learning.



  • Time is On Your Side
  • The 3 Key Ingredients to Video Success
  • Two Powerful Video Mindsets
  • Staying Accountable


Get ready to stretch your ideas of what you’re capable of on-camera, discover mindset tips that help you press the button with ease and record your first guided practice videos using a camera you already know how to use (phone, webcam, etc).


  • The 5 Mindset Shifts You Need to Make Drool-Worthy Videos
  • Practice Makes Parfait
  • Transform Fear into Fabulous


It’s time for some high impact training that gets you pressing record consistently, and leaping through your on-camera blocks.

Press record on 5 more guided practice videos (using the same simple, easy camera).

These Video Adventures are designed to bust you outside your comfort zone.


  • 5 Ways to Banish the Inner Critic
  • Your Video Hero’s Journey
  • The “Ordinary World” Exercise
  • The “Why” That Will Change Your Videos Forever


It’s time to learn how to speak AUTHENTICALLY to your dream clients through video.

Discover what you should SAY in your videos so that you ENGAGE your audience.


  • The YOU Rule
  • Your Video Alter Ego
  • Happy Accidents
  • The Dork Factor
  • Your Dream Client’s OW
  • Your Dream Client’s Inner Monologue
  • Your Video Love Letter


IMPLEMENTATION WEEK! I understand that you’re super busy and I don’t want you to fall behind. Play catch up during this week as needed.

If you’re already on-schedule, you can take this time to do bonus video adventures, if you so choose.


Get the intro to lighting, camera, sound and backdrops that are simple and doable.


  • Sound 101
  • Easy, Peasy Lighting
  • Bodacious Backdrops
  • Simple Camera Tricks to Make Your Videos Look More Profesh


It’s time to go deeper into tech. These are elements that you can build upon over time.


  • EDITING 101– You learn the basics to editing simple and effective videos. Plus you get my fave editing tricks to making videos that feel more professional.
  • LIGHTING 101 – Here you get three tiered lighting lessons (Using natural light; Using the lights that you already have in your house; Using semi-pro lights.

What all will you receive when you sign up?


Over the 8 weeks, the On-Camera Bootcamp includes Proven-to-Work On-Camera Exercises, Training Videos Designed to Improve Your Videos From the Very First Week, Sweet Sheets that Empower High-Impact Insights into Crafting a Video Message that Connects, and Weekly Q&A Calls to Ensure You Experience a Massive Video Transformation.


Plus, I’ll teach you how to…


  • SHINE on camera so your dreamies know that YOU are their person
  • Feel CONFIDENT speaking about your biz on camera so you position yourself as a knowledgable expert in your field
  • Weave your personality into your videos so that it CONVERTS viewers into buyers
  • Implement filming systems that give you the FREEDOM to spend less time working IN your biz and more time working ON your biz
  • Know the difference between speaking in general and SPEAKING TO THE HEART of your dream clients (I’ve developed this superpower over the years of film directing. I’m an open book and I wanna share what works with you…)
  • Embrace what makes you STAND OUT (rather than be hard on it)




🎬 Step-by-Step Video: The exact process you’ll need for creating your high-impact videos.

🎬 On-Camera Comfort Strategies: Get access to the exact on-camera secrets I used to show up feeling excited and empowered to film.

🎬 Lifetime Access: You have lifetime (of-the-course) access and are invited to join ALL future runs of the program.


Make videos the heart-centered way:


“Yes, Sarah Michelle! I’m ready to learn how to SHINE on camera and make awesome videos with your On-Camera Bootcamp!”


I know I’ll receive:


  • Proven-to-Work On-Camera Tricks
  • Customized Advice Based on Years in the Film Industry
  • High-Impact Guidance on Speaking to the Heart of Your Dream Clients Through Video
  • My Gear Guide from Beginner to Advanced – To Level Up with YOU
  • Step-by-Step Videos on How to Shine On Camera and Make Simple + Effective Videos
  • Tools to Implement the On-Camera Bootcamp Video System

Wait, did someone say “bonuses”?

When you sign up for the On-Camera Bootcamp, you get access to an amazing library of resources that you can return to whenever you need that extra bit of help. Check out these goodies:

Value: $497

Get your hands on ALL my resource recommendations on video gear from beginner through to advanced. This is a super handy guide with resources all in one place!

Value: $397

Get the skinny on making a compelling get to know ya video for your homepage.

Value: $197

This is a power-packed interview with this social media queen. You get ah-mazing tips on making sure that your videos are being SEEN.

Value: $197

A seasoned voice over artist, Tina knows how to bring a script to life, transforming the way people engage with her clients’ products and services.

Value: $197

Learn ideas from a high energy performance coach, vocalist and speaker.

Value: priceless

You get increasing value as the course grows. As long as the program is running, you’ve got lifetime access to all the materials. This includes all extra bonus materials that are added over time (oh yeah, you get any new content as the course gets bigger).



This is a safe space for you to post your videos, get encouragement and support your fellow VideoStars in the making. Get access to a community of like-minded passionate entrepreneurs just like you, going on the same video journey. It’s a fantastic and supportive hub of burgeoning VideoStars in the making.

It’s more than a community. It’s your on-camera family.

I’ll also be in there to offer extra guidance, cheering you on and giving you direction and clarity.




Sweet words from other big-dreaming entrepreneurs making amazing videos the heart-centered way…


“I sat on the fence until the last minute as I wasn’t supposed to be spending money on courses! My confidence has improved markedly.

With each module I have completed I can see my confidence growing. It is a safe and encouraging environment to learn it. Sarah is very generous with her time and feedback.”

~ Sandra Reid, artist


“The On-Camera Bootcamp is an essential foundation for getting comfortable on camera. To just be you, means you are comfortable with the you that shows up in the world.

This is a great way to start being objective about yourself, to build on your strengths and fill in the gaps to be the person you want to show up as.”

~ Shelly Isaacson

Still on the fence?

Watch this in-depth review from my grad Taryn Pyle:


“Soooo beyond what I expected from a video training course! When I mustered up the courage to join, I did so with a fair amount of kicking and screaming. I knew that I needed to up my professional game for my online audience. Trouble was, I’ve never enjoyed putting myself in the spotlight. Ever.

Thankfully, Sarah creates a safe place for even the most resistant of wallflowers like me. She knows how to tease out all of the awkward bits, knows when to encourage, and how to gently push when we need it most (but don’t actually know it yet).

Of course you’ll also learn how to improve video production quality using all of the tips and tricks that only Sarah can teach. If you’re on the fence about signing up right now, stop hesitating. Just say yes!”

~ Cherice D.

The On-Camera Bootcamp is only available for a limited time at this rate:

Join the group version ~

Investment: $3797 $1297 USD

Or get me to yourself with the solo VIP version ~

Investment: $4997 $2497 USD

You IN?


If we worked together privately I would charge ya $4,000/day. You pay nowhere near that for this program because I want this to be an easy yes for you to start tapping into the power of video.

“Test and Apply” money-back guarantee

I stand by the power of the On-Camera Bootcamp. I’ve seen video transformation after video transformation. But because I know it can be scary to sign up for a new program, I’m including a 30-day, 100% money-back GUARANTEE.

HERE’S THE SCOOP: Because I genuinely want you to make amazing videos and spread your message to the world, in order to activate the guarantee, you first need to watch all the training videos from the FIRST 3 WEEKS, and complete + post the assignments up to that point.

If we don’t see a transformation in your videos at that point, I’ll give you a full refund. I believe in the course that strongly.

It will TRANSFORM your videos.  🥳

Frequently asked Qs


How much equipment do I need to do this program?

All you need to get started is either your smartphone or your webcam, so that you can make really simple video recordings. All other tech is optional, and stuff you can build upon through the bonus section.


What results can I expect from the Bootcamp?

Your full participation in the Bootcamp gets you comfy and confident on-camera confidence! You learn how to make your video LOOK and FEEL professional. Make simple videos that you can post on your website and blog. You get a full library of tips and tricks in your arsenal that you can use for years to come. So whatever you’re not ready for now, it’s there for you, when you want to dive into that particular step.


How much time do I need to invest?

Like most things in life, you get out of the On-Camera Bootcamp what you put into it. I highly recommend that you do the course as I’ve laid it out. One module per week (module three is spread out over two weeks).

It depends on how deeply you dive into the written part of the course (there is LOTS of GOLD in the Sweet Sheets) and how many attempts you need to create your Video Missions.

How much time you invest into the program each week is, of course, up to YOU. But a studious student can expect to set aside at least a few hours each week to roll up her sleeves and do the work.


Another course? Can I really DO this?

I know it’s natural to have concerns. I’ve invested a lot of time and money into online courses myself. Plus I’ve been working SUPER hard to create a course that would deliver RESULTS. Know that getting comfortable making videos that your dream clients LOVE is one of the BEST things you can do for your biz right now. Join now. You won’t be disappointed.

“An all-time high number of marketers (92%) told us they get a good ROI on video content, up from 87% in 2022.” 

~ Hubspot

Still sittin’ on the video fence?…


🎬 I would hire Sarah again 3x over! 🎬

I hired Sarah Michelle Brown at Videos that Shine with Sarah to help me learn video tech—well, so I thought. She is midwifing me through a business and life transformation!!

She has brought SO MUCH MORE to the table than teaching me video tech…like marketing and product development coaching, acting and directing expertise, fostering my connection with authentic creative process, holding a strong and clear container for me to explore, and holding professional and deeply compassionate space for me to navigate the toughest personal challenge of my life to date.

I would hire Sarah again 3x over! I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to grow their biz with video, whether you are a newbie or further down the road into making your business a manifestation of your creative vision. Thanks, Sarah!! You’re the 💣 ☄️

~ Chanda Klco


“I’m finishing up Sarah Michelle Brown’s On Camera Bootcamp and I can’t say enough about how stellar Sarah is at helping you find your on camera presence.

Before the boot camp I felt like I didn’t have a problem doing videos but as the work progressed I went really deep to unlock energy that was getting caught up in my weight and things around visibility.

If you are planning on using video in any way and you haven’t done Sarah’s boot camp get your booty over there!!”

~ Steph Lagana

🎬 Guurrrrl, please. MIND. BLOWN. 🎬

“Woke up this morning feeling more than motivated…an unprecedented sense of direction also propels me forward. [Have a seat, this will take a moment.].

You’re compassionate yet clear.

To say our session and the rest of the day that followed felt magical is an understatement. It was Divine.

Seriously Sarah, a shift took place. Looking at my notes this morning, my determination and focus to jump in all the way is also fueled by the knowledge of the energy-drain of the past.

Guurrrrl, please.


The word content gets used so much in this era of social media, but this was content with some ass-kicking gravitas! I am beyond eager to get to work on that this afternoon!

~ Toni Boyette

Is the On-Camera Bootcamp right for YOU?

Listen, I get it! This all looks fabulous, but while it’s obvious the On-Camera Bootcamp can help others reach their goals, you aren’t sure if it’s gonna work for you. Let’s take a quick look at who will thrive in the On-Camera Bootcamp:


On-Camera Bootcamp is NOT for you if:


😳  You don’t plan on doing video marketing, at some point. When you’re ready to use video to grow your biz, I’ll be the first person to welcome you inside.


😳 You can’t make a commitment to jumping into the program in the next 30 days. This is a group program that thrives on the community taking action. 


😳 You don’t want to do the inner work. Video blocks involve some reflection on your mindset. If you’re not in a space to do so, come back when you’re ready. 


Since I’m a filmmaker, I’ll be giving you examples and stories from my own video adventures— and there’s no reason you can’t apply this to your own biz.


You’re gonna love the On-Camera Bootcamp if:


🎉 You’re new to video. This course will make it easy for you to learn how to film your videos for social media, sales pages, and landing pages, etc.


🎉 You’re willing to set aside 3 hours per week for this process. With my signature video strategy and as soon as the first 3 weeks… you can expect to shine on camera and have video creation systems in place that will pay you for decades to come.


🎉 Only join the program if you can invest some time into your video adventures.
Rome wasn’t built in a day.

🎉 You’re willing to commit to TRYING it out and taking strategic RISKS. I’ve done everything I can to build the On-Camera Bootcamp in a way that stacks the odds in your favour. This will shave hours off your workweek and allow you to create more in less time.



I take great pride in the success of my students.

Even though they feel intimidated by video before they start the program, they’re also ready to make a difference in the world, AND they won’t let fear stop them.

Let’s take a look from a different angle…

Can you afford to NOT join the On-Camera Bootcamp?

  • Think of all the TIME you save (goodbye combing the interwebs).
  • Think of all the FRUSTRATION you avoid (so-long trial + error).
  • Think of all the MONEY you save (stop buying the wrong tech).

With the On-Camera Bootcamp you no longer have to waste your days, patience and moolah learning how to make amazing videos from two dozen different sources.

You can put your videos out into the world, confident that you’re putting your best foot forward.

And you don’t have to be terrified of your camera and quit before you even truly start.


Because you’ve got me as your own virtual filmmaker while you learn how to make videos your dream clients will LOVE.

Instead of having to painstakingly feel like you suck at being on-camera, simply use my strategy that helps even the most timid video newbies get comfy in their videos.

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the technical info out there to make your videos LOOK GREAT, just follow my simple step-by-step strategies.

Don’t go at this alone and criticize your efforts into submission, when you can have a community of cheerleaders (myself included), to encourage ALL your (video) baby steps.

Which Investment is Right for YOU?

YOUR Virtual Video Director

That’s Me! 

About Sarah Michelle
(aka the empowering filmmaker)


Sarah Michelle Brown has directed short films, music videos, and stage plays. She has worked with numerous entrepreneurs helping them move past their video fears through to simplifying the technology and teaching them how to edit in a way that creates magic in the final result.

She has worked with actors, entrepreneurs, award-winning musicians, and Oscar winners.

Yep, that’s right. My name is Sarah Michelle Brown and I’m a film and video-aholic.

I have something to confess…

There have been some time when I didn’t want to make videos.

I wanna let you in on a secret most video coaches won’t tell ya. 

Everything changes when you have an aligned reason to make videos.

Yup, most video creators have a great reason to show up!

How do they figure that out?

They do the mindset work; the inner work that makes video an adventure rather than a chore.

As a card-carrying introvert, this shift changed the game for me.


🎥 I knew what to say on camera without feeling awkward and freaked out – and it sounded like me because I felt super genuine and relaxed

🎥 I was suuuuper excited because I began connecting with my audience through video – transforming viewers into loyal sign-me-up fans!

🎥 I already knew with the right mindset, energy, tech, and knowledge that my sales results would soar. The right videos make all the difference!

Cool, right?

After writing and directing for 20+ years… I’m taking you to the red carpet of the proven strategies, mindset tricks and simple tech solutions my VIP clients pay me $$$$ to teach ’em.

Sound aligned?

Let’s do eeeeeet!

Alrightee, my (video) friend.

It’s time for you to make your choice.

Is it time for you to hide?

Or is it time for you to SHINE?

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